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UPDATE TIME - 16th May 2020


The /spec command is replaced by a NEW SPECTATOR BUTTON in the Lobby. Clicking this button takes you directly inside a game as a spectator. Don't want spectators? Disable spectating from game options! Spectators do not add towards the total players in room limit. They don't even need to "Ready Up" when starting! We have some incredible plans for expanding spectating capabilities in the future as well!


Quests have been made more accessible and a bit more challenging to increase participation. More quest updates to come in the future! Specific updates:

NEW BOT (Currently in Maintenance)

We would like to welcome Sky ! Sky has several commands such as !online, !char NAME, !play, !viewers along with many admin/GM commands! Furthermore, the bot also posts the chat from IN-GAME into the Discord #lobby channel in future!



Asia GunZ Merge 6th May 2020

A BIG shoutout to @VGA | ZUSE for redesigning the discord and updating the roles/permissions for everyone across the board! Great work!

Additionally, a HUGE welcome to the Asia GunZ team: @Azimuth and @YRN iShagers for joining the iGunZ community and merging with our server!

Furthermore, we would like to welcome @Deviok our newest community manager for specifically the GLADIATOR community!

We are working on a TON of new updates, and you will hear about them in the coming weeks! Hop in-game with your friends! Don't forget to ping @Matchmaking to find other GunZers to play with. And if you are new and would like the Matchmaking role, react with :ShinyGunZ: on the post in #📜rules. Don't forget to follow our social media accounts with links to them found in #💯info !

Security issue patched - 06th May 2020


Download and replace in the folder where you have International GunZ downloaded usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\International GunZ

Big Update - 19th April 2020

It has been ~1.5 weeks since the Duelists team has joined us along with Hymnosi officially joining the iGunZ team. We are working on fixing up a TON of bugs found in the 1.0 GunZ and adding features that should certainly be included in a modern server that we are aiming to be. Here are the latest updates:

Please UPDATE via launcher or download the game from our website. Register in-game and join us!

Duelists Merged with iGunZ! - 8th April 2020

Hey everyone, the iGunZ team has decided to merge with the Duelists team!! They have joined us in helping iGunZ realize our vision for a modern, competitive and nostalgic GunZ server!

Please welcome: Sheen, Lotus, Lifell and Ennui

With amazing skills from both sides we will continue to improve and bring you an amazing gameplay experience!

Small Update - 8th April 2020

A potential fix for the lag experienced while spectating has been released. We are not a 100% certain if this solves the full issue but it should be a tremendous upgrade from before. Credits to Hymnosi.

UPDATE TIME - 3rd April 2020

Please update via the launcher or download the installer here

Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during such times of crises. My best wishes to you all! Onto the updates:

Can't wait to see you in game! Enjoy!

Small Announcement - 13th March 2020

Following the store rebalance, everyone is lv 1, 0 exp, 1k bounty, no other changes, your kd and items are unchanged. Have fun.

Server Migration - 11th March 2020

Hey everyone! After some thought and testing, we decided to move to a Google Cloud Server. The quest bugs that used to crash the client AND server previously in Prison and Dungeon are fixed. No update necessary on your end: you will automatically be connecting to the new server when you launch the game from now on. The latest database was moved over along with our lovely iGunZ Bot, so all your progress is saved and up-to-date! Keep on rocking!

Matchmaking Role - 09th March 2020

Greetings everyone - We decided it would be a smart idea to create a new role for people actively looking for others to play in our server. If you wish to get get pinged actively for GunZ, please react with :GunZ: and you’ll receive the Matchmaking role. If I don’t get back to you, feel free to message me. Thank you and have fun!

(Note - I’ll remove your reaction once you’re given the role).