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Hotfix released today - 09 Sep 2021

A hotfix patch was released today, if you're getting an out of date client, please run the launcher.

iGunZ - 08 Sep 2021

  • Room option for "Auto Reload" - This is an experimental feature that we want feedback on. It is completely optional and you are informed when you join a room that has it enabled. 
  • Fixed small damage numbers. 
  • Added /ignore and /unignore commands. The names of the ignored players are stored in "ignored.txt" which resides in your client folder. Can now start to reload animation even when out of ammo with shotguns. 
  • This means you can late dash/rs even with a 5/0 clip.

Server back online with security fixes - 01 Sep 2021

We have made several adjustments to the backend of our server that could solve the crashing issues we've been plagued with. (fingers crossed)

Top 10 Clans

Ranking Clan Points
1 pablo 2615
2 Winter 2113
3 Rome 2110
4 Sunflower 1788
5 Orikar 1689
6 powerhouse 1683
7 Levitas 1592
8 Huecomundo 1432
9 SSBM 1424
10 pamibaby 1411