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UPDATE IS HERE - 24 Jan 2023

- Set controller/joystick sensitivity to 0 default

- Update ranked tier icons - designed by @Rain

- Fix bug that makes it so you're unable to queue if a match failed to start (if someone crashed or alt f4 after ranked match found)

- Update UI players in Queue correctly if someone crashed or alt f4 after ranked match found

- Change the Match failed to start warning to be more informative and make it a chat message instead of a popup because it can be annoying if you're in a room while this happens

- Remove players from their room and place them in ranked channel when a ranked match is found

- Add custom message saying user left to a ranked game when the game takes you out of a room to a ranked game

- Lowered the drop chance of Expert pages from all bosses

- Fixed Scrider event boss visibility

- Lowered the trail effect lifetimes on ice and poison elements

- Infinite ammo option in training rooms

- Removed ranged training weapons and grenades from shop

- Raised the sell price of all Trophy items in Quest to 500BP

- Shop pricing fixes along with new items added in regular and ranked shop along with event items 

    ⦁ AddPoints level 15 set

    ⦁ Star element effect

    ⦁ 4 new sword trail colors

    ⦁ Red crown for people who reach Rank Z in ladder

    ⦁ Chicks JJang

@everyone Let's Rock!

Trojan/Virus/Malware warnings - 05 Jan 2023

Hello iGunZ!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic new year so far!

I just wanted to make everyone aware that the trojan/virus/malware warnings you're receiving from your Antivirus software is a false positive. 

What this means is that our executables are not digitally signed, so many antivirus's like Windows Defender considers them a virus/trojan/malware due to that lack of signature.

We do attempt to submit our executables to every antivirus company that is well known, however, whitelisting our executables are at their discretion, and it could take weeks for us to receive a response, so our recommendation is to whitelist the GunZ.exe and Launcher.exe within your  C:\Program Files (x86)\International GunZ\client folder or wherever you installed iGunZ with your antivirus or security suite, as well as checking our FAQ or Discord for further troubleshooting steps, because pretty much any issue you have can be answered by reading the FAQ.

Once again, thanks for playing, and Let's Rock! 


- Go straight to ranked channel when Ranked button in channel select is pressed

- Fixed issues with ranked teams and the 3 maps selected for map vote not being fully random

- Remove the players that are starting a ranked match from the UI that shows in queue count

- Close channel list when ladder match starts due to issues faced by players

- Fix not being able to vote for a certain map in ranked sometimes until you vote for a different map

- Added Scrider quest NPC with 3 new weapons it can drop

- Minor shop updates/changes

- Updated spooky town map

Let's Rock!

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1 Orikar 2495
2 powerhouse 2268
3 Zenith 2255
4 Levitas 2170
5 Winter 2110
6 Sunflower 2109
7 TapTapTap 1879
8 Strike 1569
9 justchillin 1568
10 SSBM 1424