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Just wanted to share that... - 26 Apr 2022

We've got ~1300 VERIFIED unique Discord - GunZ linked accounts as of now. That is incredible! Just wanted to share that in the near future there *will* be a wipe to officially END the forever BETA that iGunZ has been in since 2018. Players who link post-wipe game accounts with the same Discord account will be rewarded something special when that time comes (NO ETA yet, as always, soon:TM:)

Check #⭐・fyi on how to get Discord verified! :palmpowWoo: 

Let's Rock! :GunZLogo:

Many bug fixes and some features - 20 Mar 2022

@everyone **IT IS UPDATE TIME!**

While we work on some ***major*** updates, here is an important and bug fixes packed update for you all!

- Added character highlights ( #✨・preview  ) - a **BETA** feature that is set to be OFF by default and requires testing (requires Shader = ON; find it in Options -> Video -> Effects)

- **Fixed spectating** being jittery/laggy with falsely elevated ping

- Allow spectating of locked rooms if the player has the password

- **Fixed replays** - reload and hit sounds

- Fixed shots and hit indicator not working in replays after reloading

- Fixed a bug where the pellets that did not hit the enemy with shotgun went to wrong location

- Fixed stacking of taunt sounds when only taunting once

- Changed MVP dmg output to be more accurate for higher pings

- Updated the quest NPCs spawned by admins to ignore player bots in training mode

- Fixed damage not registering properly sometimes when equipping the same item twice

- Allow adding admins to friend list

- Allow buying and selling items via double click

- Added Kobold Dagger, King's Axe, and Commander's Sword as drops from their respective mobs (same as previously added Goblin Dagger and Chief's Staff)

- Baby Palmpows are now slashable!

- Fixed various issues in shop listing, pricings, rarities, order and more

- Added Shotguns: Finalizer (level 50), Steampunk Shotgun (level 15), Iron Crow Limited (level 0), Cruelizon Limited (level 0), Korean Breaker (level 0)

- Added 4 different male Palmpow T-shirts (level 15), and male Foxmask (level 15)

- Added sets: Eskimo Fur and Axium Hitman

- Added new event reward items

- Replaced FireDrake LMG with Iris Machine Gun (ethical removal - don't know who to credit)

- Removed hate symbols from green military outfit male and female

- Added 2 new skillmaps: [CHRIS]_EasiestSkill and MatrixSkillV1 - recommended by @Kryze#1687

- Several security and stability fixes

Stay tuned for much *much* more soon:tm:!

Let's rock!

Mini Update Time - 16 Jan 2022

- Fixed some slashes/massives not registering randomly

- Fixed crashing when entering rooms without clothes/items and trying to switch weapons

- Fixed Supermario3 skillmap not showing in list

- Removed knockback from training shotgun (*temporarily* until we have a "No Knockback" option in training rooms)

- Fixed new skill weapon issue where skills would register if the owner crosshair was over the target disregarding whether the projectile has actually reached and hit

- Changed new skill weapon projectile lifespan from 60s to 40s

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1 pablo 2772
2 Orikar 2445
3 powerhouse 2268
4 Zenith 2255
5 Levitas 2165
6 Winter 2110
7 Sunflower 2109
8 TapTapTap 1877
9 Strike 1569
10 justchillin 1568