HUGE UPDATE and DB Migration - 28 Apr 2024

We are back with a ***HUGE*** update for you guys! This was a substantiative overhaul that we have been working on for a long time with countless hours of testing

- **SQLite to SQL server database migration** --> Preserving our DB info and migrating a large number of accounts, characters, items, etc over to mssql since the inception of our server posed quite a hurdle. But with this change, we will be able to move forward with major quality of life changes in the upcoming weeks. Most importantly being account creation/login and password change from the website. The website is currently being rebuilt from the ground up and may contain inaccurate data for the time being as the databases will not be connected during this interim. The same issues will also persist on our @iGunZ Bot as we are also working to re-establish that database connection on the backend leading to potentially inaccurate information for a brief interval. Do not worry, we will never let the fan favorite `!cat` command die out! (FYI clothes/items may be unequipped and quest items will have to be sacrificed permanently due to issues)

- **Automatic Ranked Reset** - On the 1st of every month at midnight server time, ranked/ladder will reset by itself and also rewards the top 3 in the Z-tier a crown x30 days (more to come)

- Added "Auto Sit" for ranked during imbalanced team match-ups

- Implemented item search in shop and inventory

- Implemented auto record option

- Added option for team HP/AP bars above team member heads or on the left side of screen

- Added MansionRemake map from GunZ 2, NewVault, & Church2

- Fixed "fallen into oblivion" chat spam bug in training god mode

- Allow damage info to be displayed in observer mode

- Added several items/weapons across different stores and other minor changes

Please share your feedback and hope you enjoy the latest changes! We have a lot more in the works as well :100:

Working on shotgun spread next!

Let's rock! :GunZLogo:

Content Update - 09 Jun 2023

- Properly rigged Leather Wrap Shoes (Women) and Desert Flame Shoes (Women)
- Fixed Sakura texture
- Fixed SpookyHall spawn locations
- Fixed Lockdown spawn direction for the winner
Added 9 new duel maps:
Alley, Arena_Hall, Bridge, Cave, Lost_Bridge, Manufactory, Ruined, Temple, and Warehouse
We are looking for feedback on these maps to make adjustments for fair gameplay and which of them you believe are ready for Ranked 1v1 mode and/or could be expanded upon for TDM matches.

Ladder Shop:

- Added Ghostly dagger, sword, and shotgun
- Added Ghostly set (Women) *6 items*
- Added Ilya Hair (Women)
- Added Crusader Sword
- Increased the gem price of the Stryker set and avatar by 1,000 each.

Server back online! - 15 May 2023

Hello iGunZ!

The server has been offline the past few days due to network issues at it's previous hosting provider, we have moved to another datacenter that should keep us online.

Let's Rock!

Fully Implemented DDOS protection - 26 Mar 2023

Hello iGunZ

Thanks for being patient while we perfected our DDoS protection, we are now fully protected, and downtime (atleast for DDoS's) should now be non-existent.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues, feel free to join us in Discord and post in the #help channel.

Let's Rock!

Connection issues - 21 Mar 2023

We've identified some networking issues regarding the DDoS Protection Services.

Players may encounter '999' or '0' ping while playing, or notice that the server appears to be offline when it really isn't.

We are working with our DDoS Protection Service provider to investigate the issue, and will keep you updated.

Thank you all for your understanding.