New maps and more! - 18 Nov 2021

@everyone We have a new update!

- Added 4 new maps for Duel Mode - Sectioned off Dungeon, Castle, and Prison for Abyss, Keep, Keep2, and Lockdown respectively

- Changed half of the daggers to 12dmg 220range to reflect the premium daggers in ijji gunz

- Adjusted every TDM spawn in Pavilion to "rotate". A very unique idea we are trying to get this map played more

- Added event Kodachis

- Added ninja hat (woman)

- Updated `/swordcolor` command to show color for sword effects as well

- Added Event channel

- Allowed clan names to be 3 characters (from minimum 4)

- Updated kick system: allow a player to start a vote kick even if a GM is in room and kicks from rooms are now account wide

- Some added security updates

Let's Rock!

Launcher Problems? - 10 Nov 2021

Hello iGunZ!

It looks like some people are having issues with fetching the new launcher, so we went ahead and released a stand-alone version that you can use to download the entire client or just place it in your C:\Program Files(x86)\International GunZ\client\ folder and run Launcher.exe.

We also released new updated full game installers which can be accessed from the Download page above!

if you're having any issues with your launcher feel free to reach out to our Discord #help channel for assistance!

Let's Rock!

Update + End of Halloween Event - 09 Nov 2021

- Brand new launcher design that will have more features in the future

- Added `/ignore NAME` and `/unignore NAME` to mute text and voice chat of selected player. Also accessible by right clicking player's name in lobby/room. You can check your ignored list in Options->Extra->Ignore List (it is *case sensitive*)

- Added ability to view other character's profile by right clicking on player's name -> View Profile. Currently shows items/character. More info will be added in the future

- Fixed issue with sword flips

- Fixed issue with quest mobs attacking early

- Removed all Halloween items from the shop

- Added a command - `/letsrock` to remove the Let's Rock effect

- Added a level 10 stone dagger

- Changed lighting in Settlement

- Slightly adjusted spawns in Settlement

- Created a navigation mesh for Pavilion

More fixes and features coming soon! Stay tuned :GunZLogo: 

Let's Rock!


- **SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION ITEMS** available at the *bottom* of the shop (will disappear in a week from shop, so get them while you can!)

- New **Spooky Town** map

- New level 40 ikelos shotguns available in shop

- Added an **item rarity system** with colored differentiators -- common, uncommon, rare, legendary, unique, event

- Clan war is now **restricted to level 10 and above**

- Add milliseconds in skillmap mode timer

- Display clan names on character select screen

- Increased accuracy of HP/AP remaining message when killed by player in certain game modes

- Always go to free channel on login

- Increase item limit from 100 to 300

- Fixed massive stacking in bots

- Allow 6 players in various game modes (not quest)

- Fixed falling off of duel maps on spawn randomly

- Replaced quest boss hp/ap bar and TDM+Extreme score panel with original gunz files

- Fixed bug where shotgun didn't shoot first shot randomly until weapons were switched

- Add `/ignore Name` and `/unignore Name` commands

- Changed Garden TDM Spawns to mirror each other on the upper part of the map

- Fixed Settlement's Duel Spawns

- Put Pavilion back in the map list

- Various other minor bug fixes and improved security

- *Verification bot is back online - may go offline again if unstable*

Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: and let's rock! :GunZLogo:

Maintenance Period ended - 29 Sep 2021

Our server, website, and bot services were offline for a couple of hours for server hardware check everything came back normal, we are back online, enjoy!