After a break, we're back at it again with content that @everyone has been waiting for!

- **RANKED/LADDER MODE IS HERE!** Made from scratch by our devs. Go to change channel --> Ranked

- Added ranked tab in shop for new ranked currency "gems"

- Added Straw Hat (male and female) in bounty shop

- Added 1 dagger, 2 swords, and a new shotgun to the bounty shop

- All Daggers and Rifles have received a balance change

- 3 new skillmaps: FinishLine, obstaclecourse, and obstaclecoursev2

- Added SpookyHall and Hedge duel maps

- Hall now available in training mode

- Added death reaper animation on death

- Fix bug where if you press reload and switch to sword same time the reload animation will play with sword equipped

Please share any feedback you have especially with ranked mode. Let's rock!

Small Content Update - 03 Aug 2022

- Added a new map to Duel mode called Haven (will be updated with better lightmap soon) Please give us feedback in discord!
- Added animated objects and other cosmetic improvements to Port and Lockdown
- Added play/pause feature for replays by typing /pr
- Added secret items for staff and ladder shop available in the future

Small hotfix - 27 Jul 2022

- Revert the ping fix that made everyone have -2 billion or -1 ping, note that when spectating ping will be elevated again.
- Fixed range (210->220) of equippable quest swords
- Allowed all maps to be played in event channel
- Added a new event sword

iGunZ Bot Update - 26 May 2022

Updated the to show a verified player's discord info so you can find and message the players you played with outside the game! 

New Update Time - 19 May 2022

Hey @everyone , we have been fairly busy around here with some major projects in the works. As we close out some of those changes, here is an update that you can enjoy in the meantime!

- *Completely redesigned* login screen, now utilizing a new engine. We hope to build on this more in the future!

- Fixed storage, and now you can place your event items in storage to share amongst your characters

- Updated the game to use significantly lesser RAM

- Removed `/swordcolor` command and replaced them with wearable effect rings that can give sword color, berzerker aura, shot color, etc that can be won in events

- Spectator viewing ping fixed

- Replays and screenshot names have been updated to show character, date, and time

- Made some changes to shader that fixes character highlights in players having issues

- Added a setting to disable showing FPS

- Removed monochrome and color inversion options as they caused issues

- Added a fire and an electric JJang that drop from certain quest NPCs

- Fixed Angel Revolvers fire sound to be rev instead of pistol

- Fixed NMD Socks and Runic Sword textures

- Various other minor fixes and changes

- Added to the shop:

  - Stars JJang

  - Golden Dragon Kodachis (lvl 15)

  - General's Blade (lvl 15)

  - Senior Hipster Sneakers (lvl 15) - Contributed by @Sava#5690

- Added bounty prices to all graded custom items according to this:

   - Uncommon: 5,000

   - Rare: 10,000

   - Legendary: 20,000


   - Head: 5,000

   - Chest: 10,000

   - Hands: 5,000

   - Legs: 10,000

   - Feet: 5,000


   - JJang: 20,000

   - Avatar: 50,000

Hope you guys enjoy and definitely look forward to bigger things coming down the pipeline shortly!

Let's Rock! :GunZLogo: