By accessing this server, we assume you accept these terms and conditions.

Do not continue to play the International GunZ server if you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions stated in this list.


  • Untolerated Behavior is defined as such: 
  • Flaming any player with death threats or trash talk over something they can't change. (i.e. racist, sexist, homophobic, and/or mental illness-related insults).
  • Publishing private information or URLs with malicious intent. (i.e. doxing, phishing links, spam advertising, etc).
  • Constant self-promotion. It's perfectly fine to be an iGunZ player with a website, it's not okay to be a website with an iGunZ account. 
  • Circumventing the profanity filter in character names, clans, and general chat.

    Untolerated Behavior will lead to a warning and can result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the context interpreted by the staff team.


  • Interfering with your connection to other players, unnaturally influencing your score/stats/rank/wins/exp, or exploiting how items and stages are managed is all considered abuse of the matchmaking system which will not be tolerated.

    Matchmaking abuse will come with a warning before a potential k/d, level, or clan reset.
  • Abusing the game engine/files in any way will not be tolerated. We ask that these abusers/code-savvy players report their discoveries to the staff team in private potentially earning themselves Contributor status.

    This will result in a permanent ban.
  • Repeatedly exploiting any bug shows bad intention that can result in a temporary ban until a fix is implemented.


  • Using third-party software for automated inputs is not allowed. Doing this can lead to a warning and up to a 30-day ban.


  • Circumventing a suspension by changing IP, MAC addresses, HWID addresses, and/or using someone else's account will result in a permanent ban.

We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time and we will notify you when they are updated via Discord.
Last updated July 20, 2021