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Regarding latest network issues - 02 Mar 2023

Hello iGunZ!

I just want to make you aware that we have been experiencing intermediate connectivity issues due to a ongoing DDoS (Distributed denial of-service attack) since last weekend, and have been actively working on mitigating the attack, but due to the nature of the attack, there is only so much we can do, however, we did make further changes to our network configuration that seem to have improved (fingers crossed) the situation.

So if you see a low player count, please note it is not because iGunZ is dying, it's because players were likely knocked off the server and just rejoined. 

As this situation changes, we will keep you updated, until then, thanks for all the support, and we hope to see you ingame!

Let's Rock!


- Fixed Character Select Freezing Issue
- Removed Sakura from Ranked Shop
- Added Iris Katana to Ranked Shop
- Added Hibiscus Katana to Ranked Shop
- Added Hot Pink, Violet, and Lavender Shot Colors to Ranked Shop
- Fixed Spooky Town (but actually this time)
- Ninja Hair got skipped in a few updates, but is now permanently in the shop
- Corrected bounty price and level on Stars Jjang and Ninja Hair
- Renamed AddPoints set to Brimstone Apostle
- Removed logo from SubPar Cafe Shirt and renamed it to Emerald Sports Jacket
Added Valentine's Outfits for both female and male Contributed by @NirDine#9491 (Available for 24 hours only along with the Valentine's Shotgun!)

In this update, we are rolling out our perks for the @CONTRIBUTOR role. Those who have contributed code, models, or other types of content to the project can now be recognized with Rainbow names in-game as well as Rainbow Shot Colors and Rainbow Sword Colors. (more exclusive items will come to these lovely folks in the future)

MINOR UPDATE - 04 Feb 2023

- Fixed ladder channel chat clearing when a new game starts

- Upgraded Ranked Leaderboard logging for database

- Fixed ranked 3v3 not getting points/gems

- Show appropriate tier names in the "Rank Info" button

@here Let's rock!

Top 10 Clans

Ranking Clan Points
1 Orikar 2495
2 powerhouse 2268
3 Zenith 2255
4 Levitas 2170
5 Winter 2110
6 Sunflower 2109
7 TapTapTap 1879
8 Strike 1569
9 justchillin 1568
10 SSBM 1424