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HOT UPDATE - 08 Jan 2022

HOT FIX with some extras in this HOT UPDATE @everyone 

- Fixed game crashing in quest (specifically mansion torn pages)

- Fixed players spawning in center of map in subsequent games

- Fixed quests finishing instantly at start in subsequent quests

- Fixed client crashing when entering games without any clothes or equipment

- Fixed characters being all wonky and messed up *sometimes* in character select or game room

- Fixed some replays that became unviewable

- Fixed hit counter not resetting after death in DMs/Training

- Fixed server sided issues with kick system

- Allowed instant leave if at the end of clan war

- New Maps:

Colosseum ([Duel only] based on Battle Arena modification idea from @Transvestor#8594 )

Supermario3 in skillmap

- Added some missing vanilla items

Daggers - Ritual Dagger

Katanas - Soul Stealer

Revolvers - CRUZ-FX177, Golden Olympus, Judgement, and Requiem

Machine Guns - Incinerator

Rocket Launchers - CK-1, Jaws Launcher

Let's Rock! :GunZLogoShiny:

BIG 2022 UPDATE - 04 Jan 2022

Hello @everyone, we are starting 2022 with a **BANG** with a **HUGE** update!! The LegacyGamers Holiday Event with @The CrazyBebop#0054 has ended - and the event items are now gone from the shop! Read on for the change log. Check #✨・preview for detailed info on certain changes~

- 13.5 of the 20 vanilla Avatars added to the shop for 50K bounty!

- Added Team Rotation for every round to the game room options (Enabled by default).  This automatically applies to Clan War always

- Added damage output in chat in Team-based modes including MVP of each team

- Keybinding `TAB` to an action is now possible directly in-game

- 5 second cooldown on leaving rooms applied globally except Training and Spectating

- "Check Location" feature in the friends/clan list now displays more information

- Added Citadel map

- Rockets now add to the hit counter

- Added Anti-Aliasing to Video Options

- Event winner jjang has been reverted back to vanilla design

- Jjangs are now an equippable item (everyone who had a jjang should have a jjang item in their inventory for every char on that account)

- Palmpow jjang moved to Quest as a drop from the palmpow with blue overalls in the Cursed Palmpow quest

- Quest XP and Bounty rates changed across all rounds and bosses. Infographic to come later explaining these changes in detail

- Fixed Broken Golem's 20% chance to drop nothing at all

- Fixed a rare bug unintentionally getting 100% of the same enemy in a Quest Boss round

- Added Goblin's Shotgun (training shotgun skin), Goblin's Dagger, and Chief's Staff are now *very rare* drops from their respective Quest NPCs in Mansion. (More to come. Send your ideas to @Ennui#4363)

- Added the following vanilla 1.5 weapons - Katanas: Harvester, Bonewrecker, Slicer | Shotguns: A-3, Adventurer Shotgun, Thor

- Improved the Monthly SkillMap Event clothing prizes

- Fixed Garden TDM Spawns (to our intended change. There were 2 incorrect spawns that were only used in 8v8)

- Fixed SkillCityMap spawns

- Anti-cheat improvements

Kick system overhaul:

- Fixed kick evading - voting doesn't stop when the person being voted out leaves the room

- Fixed not being able to kick players from game room by game room master while they are viewing the finished game screen

- Set the amounts of voters at the start of `/kick`. This fixes a whacky situation that let you abuse the kick system

- Don't allow spectators to start or participate in voting

- Don't add voters after voting started, only the original people in the room should be able to vote

- Change kick accepted rate to anything strictly over 50% instead of 66%

- If more yes than no votes when the vote time is over, the kick is accepted

- People who are eligible to vote can leave/rejoin room and are still able to vote

- Show kicker's name when they start the vote

- Option to kick yourself removed

- Player list for vote kicks starts from 1 instead of 0

Hope you enjoy! Let's Rock! :ShinyiGunZ:

Merry Christmas! Event Exclusive Rewards now available! - 25 Dec 2021

Merry Christmas to @everyone who celebrates!

We have added 2 event exclusive items for you guys~

**Frostbite sword** and **Candy Cane Dagger**.  Check #✨・preview 

Go to shop, scroll all the way down, and get them while you can! They will be removed from the shop in a few days.

Happy holidays and happy new year!! :pepe_christmas: :GunZLogoShiny: 

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3 Zenith 2228
4 Levitas 2188
5 powerhouse 2174
6 Winter 2110
7 Sunflower 2076
8 TapTapTap 1850
9 Strike 1569
10 justchillin 1468