Small Update - 08 Apr 2020

A potential fix for the lag experienced while spectating has been released. We are not a 100% certain if this solves the full issue but it should be a tremendous upgrade from before. Credits to Hymnosi.

UPDATE TIME - 03 Apr 2020

Please update via the launcher or download the installer here

Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during such times of crises. My best wishes to you all! Onto the updates:

  • Added an option called Disable Special Item Scroll in settings. When checked, this will skip any items you have in your 2 item slots (such as med kits, nades, etc.) when using the scroll wheel to switch weapons.
  • Moved the Show Hitboxes option for training rooms only as that was the original intended purpose.
  • Updated the requirements for the option to limit HP/AP in the game room. Now, you can set HP between 1 and 1 million and AP between 0 and 1 million.
  • Added a new /myfps command that will output your current Visual FPS to the chat when in-game. Credits to Hymnosi for this through the Open GunZ project!
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to not launch at all after a fresh install (unless resolution was manually changed in config.xml).
  • Because of popular demand, we have REMOVED the sounds your character make when charging massives and getting sword flipped.
  • Updated the F1-F8 default macros to be more informative to guide new players of the features of this server.
  • Set default FOV to 70 instead of 80 radians as that is more classic (this can be changed in settings). (Hint: The last 2 updates will only apply for people newly downloading the game or after deleting their config.xml found in /Documents/International GunZ/ as it will be recreated automatically upon next launch).

Can't wait to see you in game! Enjoy!

Small Announcement - 13 Mar 2020

Following the store rebalance, everyone is lv 1, 0 exp, 1k bounty, no other changes, your kd and items are unchanged. Have fun.

Server Migration - 11 Mar 2020

Hey everyone! After some thought and testing, we decided to move to a Google Cloud Server. The quest bugs that used to crash the client AND server previously in Prison and Dungeon are fixed. No update necessary on your end: you will automatically be connecting to the new server when you launch the game from now on. The latest database was moved over along with our lovely iGunZ Bot, so all your progress is saved and up-to-date! Keep on rocking!

Matchmaking Role - 09 Mar 2020

Greetings everyone - We decided it would be a smart idea to create a new role for people actively looking for others to play in our server. If you wish to get get pinged actively for GunZ, please react with :GunZ: and you’ll receive the Matchmaking role. If I don’t get back to you, feel free to message me. Thank you and have fun! (Note - I’ll remove your reaction once you’re given the role).