Maintenance Period ended - 29 Sep 2021

Our server, website, and bot services were offline for a couple of hours for server hardware check everything came back normal, we are back online, enjoy!

Hotfix released today - 09 Sep 2021

A hotfix patch was released today, if you're getting an out of date client, please run the launcher.

iGunZ - 08 Sep 2021

  • Room option for "Auto Reload" - This is an experimental feature that we want feedback on. It is completely optional and you are informed when you join a room that has it enabled. 
  • Fixed small damage numbers. 
  • Added /ignore and /unignore commands. The names of the ignored players are stored in "ignored.txt" which resides in your client folder. Can now start to reload animation even when out of ammo with shotguns. 
  • This means you can late dash/rs even with a 5/0 clip.

Server back online with security fixes - 01 Sep 2021

We have made several adjustments to the backend of our server that could solve the crashing issues we've been plagued with. (fingers crossed)

Small Update - 30 Aug 2021

Hey all, I've just pushed a patch addressing recent feedback on last patch's shotgun spread/damage changes. It's a bit tighter overall now. Be sure to run your launcher to snag it. Cloudflare caching can be a pain sometimes, so if you don't get the update right away, try again in a minute or two :^). 

Some (or many) of you are probably wondering about the changes to shotguns, why they're happening so frequently, etc. 

The short answer: we're in beta

The real answer: I don't want to leave players playing on a build of the game that isn't fun. If it doesn't scratch that Gunz itch, then what's the point? I feel we're getting much closer to having satisfying gunplay than we were, say, 4 weeks ago. But we're not all the way there yet. Feedback (with examples, if they would help) is always welcome in šŸ§ ćƒ»feedback or my (Spore) direct messages here on Discord. 

Overview of this small update: 

- Tightened up shotgun spread. 

- Added "/smalldamage" command. When bigdamage is toggled, toggling smalldamage will use the regular damage number font instead of the larger Green font that bigdamage defaults to. 

- Added aliases for /smalldamage and /bigdamage. /smalldmg and /bigdmg respectively. 

- Fixed the bizarre map voting issue in clan wars, as well as rooms displaying the incorrect map on occasion.