Back to our normal database - 29 Aug 2021

We are back on our normal database, if you are a new player and registered in the last 24 hours please reregister again.

Fresh Database for the Next 24 Hours - 27 Aug 2021

We are testing new database technology for the next 24 hours. You will need to register a new account to play. Your old accounts and items are not gone and will come back. Please keep in mind that we are in beta and your old accounts will eventually be wiped when the server is stable and we are confident in the client enough to release it in the Future™. Help us test and improve server stability by just playing how you would normally for the next 24 hours on a fresh account. Please use the launcher to receive the latest update.

Hotfix Update - 27 Aug 2021

- Quest weapons now match the sword range and shotgun damage changes we made (oops) 

- Settlement Duel spawns are fixed.

- Snow Town lights are fixed.

- Return to ijji's login map because it's just better and nostalgia feels nice.

- Palmpow Jacket (Event) (M) was re-rigged to fit the skeleton nicely.

- Added boob jiggle physics.

- Lowered HP of the new Sakura NPC so it's actually killable in the average human lifespan.

- Shotgun spread is now slightly tighter.

Major Update - 26 Aug 2021

- Fixed issue with bots not clearing from the room leading to bugged training rooms.
- Increased sword range slightly.
- Changed Garden TDM Spawns to mirror each other.
- Fixed "gun jam" bug where you couldn't shoot your first shot sometimes.
- Anti-lead improvements via the way packets are handled.
- Changed shotgun spread.
- Decreased Breaker Shotguns to 8 damage 1000 delay & 7 damage 850 delay to match the fact that all of your pellets now register.
- Damage counter now displays while dead.
- Created a /lasthit command to see the damage of your most recent hit.
- Daggers now pierce AP
- Added a dash effect that shows while lunging with a dagger that has been in the original game files all these years.
- Fixed various stability issues with the server.
- Added Settlement Map created by Ennui
- Added Pavilion Map created by HellSniper
- Spectators/Admins no longer counter towards the room quota.
- Added a Custom NPC to let players achieve the Sakura Event Sword.
- Added Crimson Rose Set (F) contributed by BrightMoon
- Added Subpar Cafe Jacket (F)
- Added 3Stripes Set (M)
- Added Scrider Set (M/F)
- Added Palmpow Jacket (Event) (M)
- Added Swords: Midnight Katana, Felsteel, Yasuo's Sword
- Added Revolvers: Quadra Revolvers
- Added Shotguns: Prime Breaker, Dismal Breaker, Gleaming Pioneer, Tainted Arquebus, Bug Buster Shotgun
- Added LMG: FireDrake MGK
- Placed level requirements on all custom items to at least level 15. Some swords lvl 25 and two shotguns lvl 30.
- Fixed lighting on many items
- Fixed palmpow Ice Missile skill effect to actually show. No more dodging lights on the floor.
- Rifles no longer work with Unlocked Direction in Extra Options.
- Added secret content in preparation for Halloween Event.

Also please welcome to the staff team! He has been our most active contributor for quite some time and has been picked up as a Designer

PSGG issues? - 25 Aug 2021


LGKeiz here, if you're having issues with PSGG not loading, this is because PSGG is currently offline, please relaunch the launcher and you should be able to log in.

We are also aware that the server is constantly going up and down, we are working on resolving this, please remember we are currently in BETA, crashes and disconnects will happen.

We should be dropping a MAJOR patch soon™  as well, more information to come!

Let's Rock!